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How Do FB Ads Work?

Facebook Ads

Dynamic Targeting

Facebook Ad’s allows us to create and display ads dynamically targeting users based on a large number of factors.


Advertise in the cities, area codes, DMA’s, and countries where you want to do business.


Choose your audience based on age, education, job title and more.


Target interests and hobbies of those you want your ad to reach making your targeted ads more relevant.


Target your ads based on consumer behaviors such as prior purchases and device usage.

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Video Funnels

With Facebook video funnels we can eliminate the need to visit your site in order to remarket visitors with ads.

Facebook allows us to funnel those who watch a certain length of an initial video ad into a streamlined sequence of video ads that lead to your final pitch. With this sequencing we are not only remarketing, we are also creating an audience that has demonstrated their interest over and over again.


Facebook also allows targeting of those who have clicked on a call-to-action (CTA) that is initially shown on any of your ads.

This is almost identical to collecting an audience of those who landed in that instead of someone needing to land on your website in order to be put into that remarketing audience, we can simply target those who click on a “learn more” button on a facebook ad.

Form Lead Generation

Lead form ads help qualify those who interact with your ad by answering specific questions. This takes the pressure off of the searcher having to pick up the phone and go through any pesky hold times and allows your team to review the form submission and reach out to the lead accordingly.

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