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5 Things to Expect When Starting a PPC Campaign

Starting A PPC Campaign:  5 Things To Expect

Learn what to expect when you start your first pay-per-click campaign. Explore seasonal fluctuations, ramp-up periods, the importance of niching, and more.

5 Things to Expect When Starting a PPC Campaign.  It can be tough to start a PPC campaign. You may have to navigate some unfamiliar territory, but if you know what to expect when starting your first PPC campaign, it will be much easier.  A Google Pay Per Click campaign is a great way to start marketing, and it’s worth considering if you’re an attorney.

Ramp-up period

A ramp-up period is necessary before launching effective campaigns. This is the time that needs to be taken for building out content with relevant information, which creates a more substantial alignment between your Google Ads and landing page.  You’ll need to plan where your visitor is going to land, or call, before you start the campaign.

Seasonal fluctuations

How are attorney PPC campaigns affected by seasonal and economic fluctuations? Online traffic mimics real life. At times, it can be predictably high, and other times, there could be dips in your campaign’s performance. You might need to adjust your bids on keywords depending on the time of year. For example, bad weather can lead to more car accidents.  More car accidents, means more people searching for “car accident lawyers near me.” Your advertising campaigns can be set with higher bids to keep up with this increased demand period.

Narrow your target market

Niching down and determining your target market can help you get the best results with attorney advertising campaigns. It’s essential to look at what keywords you want your attorney services associated with and select relevant long-tail keywords.  You might target search terms like “wrongful death lawyer in Richmond,” “18 wheeler accident lawyers in Louisville,” or long-tail questions like “should I file bankruptcy?” or “do I have a case for medical negligence?” The idea is to think like your clients and not as an attorney. If you’re unsure where to start, there are tools within Google Ads Manager.

Another fun place to find out what people are searching for is on Google Trends.

Cost per click reflects niche demand with location

When setting up your attorney website, you want to make sure that the keywords you are targeting match what people are searching for regularly.  You can go about niching by narrowing down to one particular area of law or specializing in a specific practice like bankruptcy. You should also take into account the keywords that will match their location. Niche attorney advertising campaigns result in higher conversion rates and lower costs per click.

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