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8 Reasons Boosting Your Facebook Posts Is Wasting Your Money

Boosting Facebook Posts:  Are they a waste of money?

If you’ve thought about boosting your Facebook posts, below is some information to consider.

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Problems with boosting Facebook posts:

  • No Behavior Targeting – behavior targeting allows you to show your ads specifically to those who are known to do the behavior you want. Want people to buy a product? Show your ad to people who like to buy things.
  • No Language Targeting – Do you have a diverse audience and want to target a specific ad to each language? Can’t do this with Boosting Facebook posts.
  • No Ad Scheduling – Ad scheduling allows you to set up a start and stop date for your ads which are perfect for seasonal deals or offers.
  • No option to choose Bid Type – As an advertiser, having the ability to choose what you are paying for is also something lacking from boosting your posts. By default, you will be paying for each time your ad is served and miss out on only paying for clicks or ThruPlays (video views).
  • No Frequency Control – Here you have no ability to put a cap on how many times someone sees your ad. Someone who has seen it 10 times and is not interested will continue to see your ad, and you will continue to pay.
  • No Custom or Lookalike Audiences – Creating audiences is by far one of the biggest and best features in Facebook Ads. This can allow you to show ads to those who have already shown interest in your business or who are highly similar to those who have already become clients. This is a powerful tool that cannot be accessed by merely boosting your posts.
  • No Audience inclusion/exclusion – Once you have a custom audience, Audience inclusion/exclusion would allow you to mix and match to narrow down to a more qualified group, or exclude those who have already completed a goal.
  • No Marketing objectives – Finally, by only boosting Facebook posts, you miss out on letting Facebook’s algorithms know exactly what you want out of your marketing. Facebook Ad’s machine learning knows who is more likely to convert, click, watch a video, or fill out a form. By using marketing objectives, you can show your ads to people most likely to take the valuable actions you want, like making a purchase or adding payment info, on your website, app, or in Messenger.

All of these features that are being missed in boosting Facebook posts can be combined and utilized to hyper-target your ideal audience via Facebook Ads, saving you tons of money and getting you tons of qualified leads.   At Joseph Media Group, we happen to be great at this, and we’re happy to talk strategy with you about your specific Facebook campaign needs.

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