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Google Won’t Let Lawyers Retarget. Here’s How You Can.

Google is great for bringing lawyers new clients through their Google Ads PPC platform.  But Google is terrible at helping lawyers retarget those new visitors.


Because the Google guidelines say that lawyers are not allowed to retarget using their platform.  The reason?  Google believes that if someone receives a retargeting ad from a lawyer, it would indicate that the person may actually need services from a lawyer, thus violating the person’s privacy if another person saw that ad on their device.

You can see Google’s Ad Policy here:

What that means:  If you’re PPC advertising with Google Ads, you only get one chance at your client.  The PPC click that takes them to your website. That’s it.  You get one touch point.  If they don’t call you or fill out the form right then, you don’t get another touch.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way you could retarget, multiple times, each of the visitors who come to your site via PPC?

There is a way. Facebook.

By using Facebook Ads to retarget all of your website visitors, you can effectively serve ads over and over to potential clients who you know have an interest in your services because they have already been to your website.  You can have multiple touch points, on Facebook and Instagram, giving you more than just the one shot at their business.  And you can do much more than a few lines of text with the ads you serve.

How It Works.

It is a simple process.  You create the ads within the Facebook Ads manager, grab what’s called a Pixel ID from Facebook, and install it on your website.  Now you can retarget all of those visitors as a new audience, on Facebook.

Using Facebook as a retargeting tool for lawyers is highly effective, and cost efficient.  Call us today if you would like more information about how this system can work for you.

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