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How To Show On Google Search Results 4 Times For One Keyword

Google Search Results:  How To Show 4 Times For One Keyword

When you are trying to get customers for your Law Firm online, you want to show up in the search results as much as possible.  Here are the 4 ways you can show up for one keyword.

Local Service Ads – LSAs

Local Service Ads are the first ads searchers will see showing business with profile images, phone number, review ratings, hours of operation, and other callouts for your business. You will need to go through a background check, but whenever you are shown, you’ll be at the top of the page, and only pay for the leads that you get, which is a great deal.


Google My Business – GMB

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing is your Google “Maps” listing.  If your listing is in the top 3, you are on the first page of Google search results.   Several items that can help you improve your GMB ranks are;

  1.  Generate Google reviews, the more the better.
  2.  Make sure all of your directory listings are aligned with your exact business name, address and phone number.  (We see a lot of issues with this one)
  3.  Make sure your GMB listing is filled out properly and completely.
  4.  Upload images, especially if they are Geotagged with your office location.  You can do this by turning on your location for your photos on your phone.  Then take photos around your office.  Each of those photos will have the correct geolocation embedded into the photo, which Google will see and reward.

This is not a comprehensive list for optimizing your GMB page, but it is a great start.  At Joseph Media, we’re great at this, and here to answer any of your questions.


Google Paid Search

Google search ads are the traditional paid ads that now show underneath the LSA section. Here you will bid on keywords related to your business and pay for every click. It’s very important to only bid on strong performing keywords and have qualified ad copy so you can catch the attention of those highly active searchers.


Organic Listings

Organic listings are the search results that show underneath the LSAs, GMB listings, and Google Search Ads. To get your listing to show here, you will need to have your page be highly popular (high domain authority) and highly relevant (keyword specific). It used to be that you could sprinkle a certain keyword 100 times on a page you wanted showing for that keyword. Now you can get penalized for this.  It is a good rule of thumb to include variations of the keyword 5-7 times on that page you want to show for that keyword. The best way to increase domain authority is to have other sites with high domain authority link to your page. For example, convincing a popular blog site to include a link to your page in an article related to your services. Do this a bunch and your domain authority and listing position will increase.


Take Your Lawyer Marketing to the Next Level

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