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Law Firm Landing Page Checklist

Law Firm Website:  Our 7 Point Checklist

When building your new website for your law firm, key in mind these 7 important items:

Call To Action

Have a clear call to action above the fold.  Meaning, visitors see the call to action and understand the action they can take, without scrolling.


Granular Information

If a visitor is sent to a landing page, the information on that landing page should be particular and relevant to the keyword they searched and the ad that they were presented.


Short Lead Form

Lead forms are great ways to collect 1st party data for future email marketing. Just ask for what is necessary; name, email, number, “tell me about your situation”. Long forms asking for a lot of information will discourage visitors from completing it all together.  We recommend that your form only contains enough fields to get the visitor to fill out the lead form and get the conversation started.


Images and Videos

Videos and images can help explain the problem your services solve.   Too much text is boring.  Make sure you use media that can tell part of the story.  There are many places to get royalty-free videos and images.  Our favorite is this one.


Simple Colors

1 primary color and its secondary color. e.g. blue/orange, red/green.  Here is an interesting Color Calculator that can help you see which colors go together.


Eliminate Clutter

Remove the main menu navigation and all links to anything other than your top Call-to-action.  Too many choices make a visitor unsure of what to do next.  We just want them to do one thing.  (Make contact!)


Include Phone Number

Make sure your number is “click to call” using HTML as most people are on their phones. E.g. <a href=”tel:6156175000″>Call us at 615-617-5000</a>


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