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Top 3 lawyer marketing mistakes

Top 3 Lawyer Marketing Mistakes

Here are three important things to avoid when marketing your law firm.

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Running Ads To Everyone

  • Running ads to everyone instead of smaller audiences with granular ads can be a big waste of your marketing budget.   In many platforms, such as Facebook, you are left with paying for impressions instead of clicks.  Be sure to include and exclude audiences in a way to ensure you are only showing to people who will most likely need your services, rather than blasting the entire population.  There are many ways to dial in your audience these days.  We recommend that you target only the people who are likely in need of your services.

Talking About Yourself

  • Talking about your awards and not address the client’s issues can be a turnoff.   Standing in front of a trophy or sports car might show that you are and have been successful, but this hardly gets the bedrock of a potential client’s top priority. Anticipate what your client’s issues are and address those first before flexing in the mirror.  Some folks might be looking for a big pay day, but many other may be looking for a lawyer who genuinely cares about them and their situation.


Not Solving Problems

  • Not solving problems in the ads is certainly missing a big opportunity.   After you have anticipated potential client’s issues, try including how those problems can be resolved. What are the steps that need to be taken if they are in an accident? What should someone avoid? Helpful tips, etc.  Your future client has a legal problem.  Position your firm as the solution.

Take Your Lawyer Marketing to the Next Level

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