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Top 3 Lead Traffic Mistakes Lawyers Make

Lead Traffic:  Top 3 Mistakes Lawyers Make

If you are trying to drive more web traffic to your Law Firm’s web page, watch out for these Top 3 Mistakes:

Poor Call Intake

Driving traffic to a phone intake system that rings more than 5 times can lead to a large waste of ad spend.  The prospect is calling to talk about their legal issue, so answer quickly.  At the beginning of the call, get their contact info just in case the call drops.  Then qualify them as a good lead with specific qualifying questions, e.g. “Have you been injured?”, “Did you go to the hospital?”, “Were you at fault?”, etc.

No Landing Pages

If you are driving traffic to your website’s home page, most likely you will have a low conversion rate since people are being directed to broad information instead of a specific landing page.  A great journey for a potential client is; they search using a keyword, they see an ad with that keyword, and they click leading to a landing page specifically addressing that keyword.


No Remarketing

Tracking pixels are already gone for Safari, Apple is letting people opt-out for tracking app use, and Google has announced they will be scrapping 3rd party cookies by 2022. All other forms of 3rd party tracking will soon be gone as companies jump on board the “we offer privacy” train. One way to continue tracking those who interact with your business is through Facebook ads. By creating a custom audience of those who click on your ads, watch your videos, or like your page, you can show them offers of things they have already shown interest in, and in that way, remarket to them once again.


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