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Top 3 Lawyer Website Mistakes

Is your website not receiving the traffic and conversions that you hoped it would this year? It may be because you’re making one of the common mistakes that law professionals make when designing their business website. For some tips and tricks from injury lawyer marketing professionals, keep reading. Make sure you’re avoiding these mistakes with your website, and work to fix them if you are.

1. Not Having Separate Landing Pages for Different Marketing Channels

To generate leads to your site, you will need to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. For this reason, you need to use digital marketing strategies to generate traffic using things like SEO and PPC tactics. You should also work to get your website listed on marketing directories and other websites to boost your search engine rating while increasing the chances of allowing quality leads to find you. Most importantly, you will want to make sure that you have separate and relevant landing pages for your different online marketing channels. For example, a landing page should look different for a lead generated from your PPC ads than from your Facebook marketing campaigns. This makes for a more streamlined and focused experience for your leads. Make sure that your Google My Business listing is also updated to find those searching for your services in your area. Working to strengthen your online presence will allow your site more visibility which will help you generate quality leads.

2. Not Making Your Call to Action Clear

Your web design should be clear, uncluttered, and visually pleasing to keep potential clients on your site. You should also make your navigation clear and easy to use so that website visitors can find what they’re looking for without frustration. One thing you should work to highlight on your site is your call to action. This is whatever end goal you have for website visitors, such as “book a consultation”, “speak to a lawyer now”, “tell us about your injuries”, or “schedule a consultation”. You should make this clear by having a call to action button on your homepage and on other important areas of your site. Make this call to action button pop using a colorful button and negative space around it to create balance.

3. Having an Outdated Site That Is Not Mobile Friendly

In today’s modern world, having a site that is not optimized for mobile can cause you to lose business. You want to make sure that potential clients can navigate your site no matter what device they’re exploring from. If an online visitor lands on your site and cannot access it from their mobile, they are likely to leave and find a competitor who will offer a better online experience. You should make sure your site is easy to read and navigate via mobile, and you should also check that your page loading times are just as quick as viewing on a desktop. Additionally, the more professional your website appears across all device types, the more trustworthy your practice will appear. To see how well your site operates via mobile, use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool.

Injury Lawyer Marketing Tips: Website Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re trying to make updates to improve the effectiveness of your law website, keep these injury lawyer marketing tips in mind. There are tons of things both big and small that you can do to improve your website so that you can generate leads and drive client conversion rates this year. Are you looking for a professional that can handle your marketing services? Call today or schedule a call, and let’s get to work!